Play Free slots in the UK without signing up to a casino


Free slots without signing up to play for real money are much harder to find in the UK recently. It used to be possible to visit any casino site and play their slots in demo mode before you signed up, but the UK Gambling Commission removed that option because they felt it may be abused by under-age players. Nobody wants children to be playing online slots, so from that perspective it’s a great move…but for those of adult age who want to play for free…what do we do now?

Well there are plenty of slots sites like which provide their own non-cash slots with no prize money. None of these sites actually offer real branded slots, just their own slots machine and fruit machine games that are…to be honest…way less professional.

If you want to play real slots, there are a few options:

  1. Facebook slots/Mobile apps – There are loads of them out there. Brands like Cashman Casino offer free play slots with prizes you can play on your mobile. Still not going to scratch the itch for fans of Netent or Microgaming though.
  2. Use a VPN – A simple solution for anyone who wants to play for free…use a VPN to change your location and play free slots on the slots developers’ websites like
  3. Sign up to a casino and play without depositing – A pretty good solution for most people, as long as you have no problem registering. Sign up somewhere like and you can play all their slots for free after logging in.
  4. Play demo slots after age verification – there is an age verificatiom system that some of the affiliate websites use to allow you to play demo slots. We don’t know much about this and haven’t tried it out.

So there you go. Plenty of approaches to try and we hope you have some free slots playing fun!

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