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Wanna know where you can find online casino Free Chips? Wondering what the hell a Free Extra Chip is in the first place? Here at Extra Casino Spins UK we make it our quest to link online casino players with the best Free Chip offers at the best online casinos through our comprehensive lists and detailed casino reviews allowing for a responsible and enjoyable online gambling experience.

What is a Free Chip

Of course the definition of the term ‘Free Chip’ depends on the context. If you were sat in a Vegas Casino lobby you might expect some incentives from the casino to get comfortable and gamble such as free drinks and snacks and if you were lucky maybe some extra Free Chips to play on the tables. In the context of an online casino however, the ‘Free Chip’ term takes on a different meaning and refers to a bonus that a casino offers a new player as an incentive to sign up, create a new account and play games at their casino. Often known as a sign up bonus, this type of new player promotion can take the shape of a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, free credit to play games or a free spin offer. Read on to learn the differences between these casino bonuses and what you need to do to claim them…

Casino No Deposit Bonus

Nothing beats a freebie right? and that is essentially what you get with a no deposit bonus. There is no deposit required to claim the bonus, what is required is for new players to register a new casino account with the online casino in question. So, with no real money changing hands to claim this bonus, what’s the catch I hear you ask? The devil is in the detail of the wagering requirements which determine to what extent you need to play through your winnings before you can payout any funds accumulated from your bonus. We always advise players scrutinise the terms and conditions and the wagering requirement of a bonus in detail before getting started. A no deposit offer will always have high wagering requirements making it very difficult but not impossible to win real money from the casino bonus. The next fair and logical question might be, “So what’s the point of a No Deposit casino bonus then?”. Well, this bonus type is a great way of playing slots for free and getting to know the games and in turn getting familiar with the workings of the casino itself before committing to play with your hard earned real money. There are two main no deposit bonus types which you are likely to come across…

No Deposit Free Spin bonuses

Here, Free Spins on slots are doled out to new customers who join a new online casino. The amount of bonus spins given away can vary greatly but is usually around 5, 10, 15 or 20 free spins. The free spins can often be for a specific slot machine but sometimes slot players can choose between a number of allocated games or even have the ability to play their no deposit spins bonus on any game they like. It’s quite common for no deposit spins to be referred to as no deposit free chips.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

Here, casino sites serve up a monetary bonus amount of cash that effectively works as casino credit. Spend your no deposit cash at the casino, explore and enjoy some of the latest casino games and slot machines but be aware of the high wagering requirements tied to the bonus money.

Deposit Bonuses

So, you’ve got to part with some money to claim this type of bonus at a casino website. A deposit bonus is also usually part of a welcome bonus or welcome package serving to entice new members to join up and also deposit for the first time at a new casino. The good thing is that because you’ve made a commitment to spend some real money credits at the casino the wagering requirements are far more favourable and you’ll stand a far greater chance to win and land that big jackpot you’ve been hoping for!

Deposit Bonus Free Spins

With deposit free spins bonuses a number of spins is offered in return for a minimum deposit. The amount of bonus spins usually varies depending on the size of your initial deposit but not always. The amount of free spins a casino offers is usually more in comparison to no deposit free spins bonus and you can expect offers of 50 Free Spins or 100 Free Spins to be coming your way. Often the free casino spin is aimed at a specific slot game but occasionally you’re free to play a game of your choosing. Sometimes the free spins are divided up into a daily allowance and you’ll need to log into your casino player account on a few consecutive days to claim your full quota of free spins every day.

Match Bonus Deposit Offers

A deposit match is where the casino will match your initial deposit to the tune of for example 100%. This will effectively double your deposit of £50 to a gambling budget of £100 for example. The bonus funds achieved from this style of deposit match is less commonly referred to as ‘Free Chips’.

What about Deposit Bonus Codes?

Whether your bonus requires you to make a deposit or not it’ll quite often require you to enter a bonus code in order to claim. All of the bonuses that we advertise here on our website have an up-to date bonus code on those offers that need them. Not all deals have a bonus code required but some of the bonus coupons we do feature are exclusive to us.

What have we learned about Free Chip bonuses?

Well, I think you’ll agree, what is clear upon closer inspection is that the terms ‘Free Chip’ and ‘Free Extra Chip’ are pretty loose and can refer to many types of casino bonus. The wording is often substituted for ‘Free Spins’ but also the term can mean ‘Free Bets’ or ‘Free Casino Credits’. As always we recommend that our readers take time to fully digest the casino bonus terms and conditions before embarking on a new casino bonus.

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Why the Future of Online Gambling is Safe with Cryptocurrency

Why the Future of Online Gambling is Safe with Cryptocurrency

Coming out front and claiming online gambling to be safe with Cryptocurrency might sound like a stretch. As an individual hears the same, he/she will be quick to come out with points to prove it wrong. But we are not going to make claims without backing the same with valid points. Yes, that’s right. These points will help you understand how gambling has changed over the years and why it will end up with Cryptocurrency. So, if you wish to know more, then go ahead and read them.

1. Anonymity and Security

Anonymity and security are two aspects that made Blockchain technology famous. Although there are reports of people breaching into their networks, things have strengthened over the years. Today, Cryptocurrency is well accepted for the advanced security that it provides, making people feel safe about their deposits. When these aspects get mixed with online casinos, things tend to get a lot easier. People need not worry about the security issues that they faced earlier since Cryptocurrency has changed the past. Due to this, we will be seeing a lot more casinos providing Cryptocurrency as a payment option.

2. Gaming Revolution

The terms of wagers for casinos and sports bettors have changed over time. Sports bettors, for example, have been more prone to such changes as things tend to get updated. Since technology is always evolving, one wouldn’t be surprised to see establishments bring in the Blockchain phenomenon. But unlike the previous modes, Blockchain has witnessed more demand. So the question of something toppling over Blockchain seems impossible. But since everything drives on the essence of unpredictability, we may never know.

3. Digitisation

The need for going digital is something that is turning out to appear in one way or the other. As humans, we have always been known to accept credible changes and one among them is digitisation. The digital world is awakening and Blockchain is very much a part of the same. This is quite visible when you look into aspects that are not opting for conventional methods of payments. Since the new source is also regulated, establishments and organisations have nothing to worry about.

4. Crypto-based Online Casinos

Crypto-based Online Casinos

The number of crypto-based online casinos have always been on the rise. If the list once saw a handful of names, today the number is beyond your imagination. This brings about a market for the same that, in turn, brings competition. These aspects are not minute changes that can disappear overnight. So even if you find reasons to disagree with the previous points, then it is quite hard to go against this one. Hence, when you sum that up, one can say that the future of online gambling is safe with Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and Gambling

Cryptocurrency and Gambling

Cryptocurrency has entered numerous markets, thanks to its innovative technology and ease of doing transactions. The different kinds of cryptocurrencies that have come over time have managed to pile up a certain set of interest among the minds that run over digitization. Due to all that, one wouldn’t be surprised about cryptocurrency entering the gambling business. But how exactly do things get regulated? Moreover, how does it operate within this particular framework? Well, to get you such answers, we have gathered information regarding the functionality and regulation of cryptocurrency in gambling. So go ahead and keep reading to know more.

Operations and Functionality

The functionality part of cryptocurrency for gambling is pretty simple as it takes place in two ways, i.e. off-chain and on-chain. Both these ways are generally accepted with certain casinos opting for either of them. Off-chain cryptocurrency gambling tends to involve physical and online casinos accepting cryptocurrency as a deposit method into an internet casino account. This method has mostly seen the use of Bitcoin since a majority of people are familiar with the same. In order to carry this process forward, establishments use third-party custodians such as BitPay. By doing so, casinos manage to convert Bitcoin into local flat currency.

On-chain gambling, on the other hand, occurs on Blockchain technology through smart contracts that usually consist of a decentralized application. This particular application has a backend code that runs on the same network instead of traditional centralized servers. Due to this, governments from around the world cannot amend ways with on-chain gambling, and they go after off-chain. But that does not mean that gambling houses that follow on-chain casinos are immune to government regulation.

The Criteria of Regulation

The mode of regulation differs since countries follow different rules to keep track of cryptocurrency-based gambling. Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Poland are a few of the countries that are known for regulation methods. Since laws in most countries differ for cryptocurrency, the aspects of regulations have not been met with clarity. But in terms of being successful, we can cite the example of Japan. Not only is the gambling business successful, but their laws on regulations are effective.

The Criteria of Regulation

Coming to the United Kingdom, you need to know that numerous platforms accept cryptocurrency and such services are quite common. Establishments that include cryptocurrency as a payment option follow the existing gambling laws and carry things forward. Since sports betting is popular, crypto-focused sports betting websites also function. Apart from that, the government also warns people about the need to register into trustworthy and certified sites. The need for being cautious is spread around, and individuals ensure that things are secure before they go ahead to gamble.