Month: May 2020

Traditional Casinos and Bitcoin Casinos

Traditional Casinos and Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos have been through different aspects and features that are responsible for driving growth and expansion. One of those recent aspects is Bitcoin casinos. These casinos operate on Bitcoin and push forward the Blockchain technology. Since the traditional model of online gambling is prevalent, people have begun to compare these two categories in order to find out the better option. So to fill that comparison with facts, figures, we decided to hop on the train. Hence, here’s a vivid comparison between traditional casinos and online casinos.

Bonus and Promotions


Bonus, rewards and promotions are certain incentives that drive people towards online casinos. So in that aspect, we might have a tough fight because both traditional and Bitcoin casinos are known to give out considerable amounts of bonuses. But over the past, certain Bitcoin casinos have come forward to provide additional bonuses in order to attract non-bitcoin users. While this move is not visible throughout, it has indeed made an appearance in specific casinos.


Ease of gambling and different methods of convenience are also looked into while choosing online gambling. In that manner, you must know that we have a clear winner. Bitcoin casinos are known to be a lot more convenient than the traditional ones. With transactions being quick and comfortable, you might not be spending a lot of time with the same. On the other hand, there are many options that you have to go through when it comes to payment in traditional casinos. Thus, bitcoin casinos are a lot more convenient.

Safety and Security

Traditional casinos require you to provide a bunch of details regarding your credit/debit card and other pieces of information based on the payment option that you chose. But that is not the case for bitcoin casinos. Due to the efficiency of Blockchain technology, these casinos require less information and thus manage to keep you safe. The data that is stored stays well within the network and far away from the reach of gamblers. As a result, traditional online casinos are more prone to attacks when compared to bitcoin casinos.

Safety and Security


When you’re gambling in traditional casinos, you will have to shell out money for transactions, deposits, taxes and other kinds of things. So towards the end, all this bears an impact on the total winnings earned by an individual. But this is not the case for bitcoin casinos. Transaction costs and other such aspects are nowhere to be found. They provide a cheaper avenue to gamble, which is cost-effective and thoroughly efficient. All your earnings can be enjoyed as they enter your bank account without going through a hectic process. Hence, when you consider all these points, the winner seems to be Bitcoin casinos.